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Pizz246 reporting for duty, Sir!!!!

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Pizz246 reporting for duty, Sir!!!! Empty Pizz246 reporting for duty, Sir!!!!

Post by pizz246 on 2/2/2012, 1:00 pm

PSN Name: Pizz246
Nickname (no one wants to pronounce your long name ): like piss, but w z's. Just please not pizza;)
Age: 24
Rank: 53? i think atleast, maybe 52
Usual Availability: mon-fri 5 pm to 10 pm(or later)
Time Zone: central standard
How did you hear about us: reddit
About Me: i am a pretty casual gamer but take my BF3 pretty seriously, i enjoy working as a team and runnin the CITV station, may not be many points in it but sure is a way to lock down the battlefield. Look forward to seeing you guys on and playing with you all. Also, i play a good deal with reddit players as well and was just wanting to make sure that it was ok to keep my [rdt] tag

Petty Officer 2nd Class
Petty Officer 2nd Class

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Pizz246 reporting for duty, Sir!!!! Empty Re: Pizz246 reporting for duty, Sir!!!!

Post by DOCTA-PEPPER-MD on 2/2/2012, 1:20 pm

Welcome pizz!

I'm not sure the [rdt] tag can stay really. We want our presence to be known, and all members must wear their ST6 tags. However, I've just discovered the reddit bf3 community, so I think may be doing a lot of playing and mingling with them, so you won't lose them. We want to make a presence, and I think reddit is a great place to do that.

I think that CITV station is sick, good to have someone who can work it. I'm a helicopter and assault guy.


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