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Clan and Board Rules

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Clan and Board Rules Empty Clan and Board Rules

Post by DOCTA-PEPPER-MD on 9/15/2011, 4:21 pm

Hey everyone, just wanted to set up some rules so we're all on the same page.

This is SEAL Team 6, the most elite group of warriors on the face of the planet. Maintaining this position also means maintaining a certain decorum. Members of the clan must adhere to the following rules:

1. Be respectful of your teammates. Disputes are to be kept civil and rational.
2. Follow the Command Chain. The clan commander is twodrunkmidgets, he has the final word on anything in this clan. Clan Executive officer is to be named very soon, and will direct quad organization, and finally, your Squad Officer will be in charge of in-game orders. You must follow orders. We will make sure to be clear on whether or not we will be playing a formal or informal structure in the lobby before a match.
3. Keep it PG-13 on the boards. We can say what we like while in-game, but we need to maintain our image on the boards. Be tasteful when you do step up the language.
4. Have fun. If you aren't having fun in this clan, either tell us what's not fun about it or leave. We're here to have a good time!

Board Rules:
1. Do NOT spam posts. If you want to bring anything important to my attention, either put it in the suggestions forum or PM me.
2. Again, keep it PG-13. This applies to anyone signed up on the boards.
3. Please make sure your posts are easy to read. Make new paragraphs often, and do NOT post in ALL CAPS. It's incredibly hard to read. If they are long, make sure they are to the point.
4. Moderators and Admins have to power to delete any posts that aren't respectful, they may also move posts to appropriate boards, and lock topics that no longer need discussion.
5. If you want a user group for your allied clan, let me know in a PM!
6. Respect members of our clan. Don't cause trouble here, these are our boards!

Members of the clan who violate Clan Rules will be disciplined. There will be an unofficial warning and an official warning, which will be posted in the Garrison forum. From there there will be disciplinary action. They will be stripped of Officer privileges for a week the first time, the second, it will be that and a one week ban from play, and the third time it will be expulsion from the clan.

Forum members who violate the Board Rules will be given an informal warning by PM, then a Formal Warning also by PM. After that, there will be a one week ban, then a permanent ban. These are our boards, please respect them!

That's about it, adhere to these rules and it'll be smooth sailing for all of us.

Have a great day,
[ST6] TD

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